Well come on into my home on the web. It’s no mistake you’ve landed here so go ahead and call it all good. Normally, I would love to know your name and see your face. Since we met here, though, I’ll have to settle for us staying connected through stories and events and yes social media. If you want to know what I am up to, sign up. Don’t worry. Only intentional content and new things I think you should care about will make it to you on a thoughtfully and limited basis.

I love words and curating worlds from them so I like talking, writing and silence.

I long for and work to redeem the irredeemable because I belong to the Great Redeemer.

Most days you can catch me by a window trying to catch some natural light, thinking of new ways to say old things and strategically planning how to fulfill my pancake and cupcake connoisseur thing.

If you want my official bio, this wasn’t it:)

all the love,