Cultural Intelligence


Cultural intelligence (CI) can be understood as the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures.

It is an inner journey, never ending and always moving toward others. If broadening the scope of your place of influence beyond diversity is your goal, Cultural Intelligence will assist you in that journey.

 Trainings offered:

Racial Awareness/Undoing Racism 

These trainings focus on:
– The systemic creation and injustices of racism
– The historical and contextual understanding of racism in the US
– Contextual understanding of racism impacting your sphere of influence 
– Practical action steps for dismantling racism

Fundamental Representation

These trainings focus on:
– How to elevate and make room on your team for minorities, women, and marginalized people. 
– Practical ways to open up space for under-represented voices. 
– Strategies for personal and team soul care in doing the work of fundamental representation.